INHALOX TECHNOLOGY AB is a medical engineering and pharmaceutical technology company. Inhalox is conducting research and development on air separation and oxygen concentration. Our mission is to increase quality of life for the home oxygen patient by introducing our silent, light weight and highly reliable cutting-edge technology. This enables our clients to realize their dreams with a newly won freedom.


From discovery to proof-of-concept, Inhalox has taken this quantum leap technology and engineered a process that produces pure oxygen from air. We are now in a position to develop products for one of the world's largest markets. The company platform consists of a new class of oxygen selective agents for air separation, which selectively separates the less abundant oxygen molecules and thus increases the efficiency a five fold compared to state of the art nitrogen selective agents. Being 100% oxygen selective, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, water vapour and other contaminants are removed and in one step pure oxygen is produced.


The objective is to become a world-leading supplier of products and services in the air separation industry. Our future plans also include entering areas outside of the medical industry. Our vision is to develop partnerships with high end market companies, yielding significant revenue to help fund an internal pipeline of development programs.





In Press and Awards


Ny Teknik 2006-10-03 »
The 'Skapa' Award in memory of the innovator Alfred Nobel


Ny Teknik 2006-03-01 »
Aiming for a clinical prototype


Ny Teknik 2006-02-22 »
Equity Issuance 7 million SEK


Ny Teknik 2006-02-08 »
Powder replaces bottled gas


Ny Teknik 2005-11-23 »

Entreprenurial nomination; 'Årets avknoppning'

Spin-off of the year

"No drug has a larger area of use in emergency treatment than oxygen", says Leslie Rai, Research Editor at Ambulance Forum



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